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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quint Olympics from TLC Multitude of Multiples Show

Today, they aired the Multitudes of Multiples show that we are in. We had actually seen it a few weeks ago. It is a pretty good show that I think everybody that takes fertility drugs should probably watch (just so they can know what might happen). It shows both when good things happen and when bad things happen. Unfortunately, much of the time with high order multiples, bad things happen. We, were really blessed and I am so grateful for the condition of our kids.

Our section was really the comic relief. You can tell by the music they play each time they start showing us. One of the things they showed was us shooting one of our Quint Olympics videos- The Quintathalon. In this video, they do both the shotput and the "hurdles." The hurdles are really just the stairs but it is a fun race. I actually had to shoot the some of it twice because we didn't have enough time to do all of it while they were here. In fact, I also found that I had a wrong setting on the camera and had to reshoot a bunch of it anyway. The stuff they showed on TV was actually some of the absolute worst footage I have ever shot for these things but...so be it. Here it is:


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