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Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on the broken stuff

Just in case anyone was wondering, I thought I would let you know the results of the repairs. Well, the freezer with the broken ice dispenser took a really long time but I eventually was able to get some plastic epoxy and epoxy it in place. The problem was that every time I tried to glue it, I had to wait about 24 hours before I could test it.

The iPod was a bit easier. The 12 dollar battery I ordered came on Tuesday and I followed the instructions, put it in and it worked great. That saved me about 50 dollars I think. Just thought I would give an update in case anyone was curious.

As far as the kids go, it is still pretty much the same but there are some definite advantages to having them be a little bit older. Ryder can buckle himself in (but not out) of the high chair. Rustin can actually climb up the changing table by himself when he needs a diaper change. Kassidy can help pick up and put away clothes. Something else Kassidy does is run give me a (very brief) hug when I get home from work. Kaydence and Kyndall seem to be the ones that actually like to sit on my lap even when Mom is in the house and they can both communicate fairly well verbally. Anyway, there are also some drawbacks to the whole two-year-old thing but I won't go in to those because I hope to some day forget them and I might not if I write them down here.


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