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Friday, April 24, 2009

The pinewood derby

I know that it is weird for me to post so soon after the last post but something interesting happened today. Today was the pinewood derby for cub scouts and it was Riley's first pinewood derby too. For anyone that doesn't know what that is, the cub scouts and their mom or dad make a car out of a block of pine wood and race them. Ideally, it would be really nice if the boys made their own cars by themselves but the reality is that making a decent car requires power tools and a bit of know-how...which means the dad pretty much does everything but sand the car.

Well, I was pretty nervous for this because there is a lot of pressure. You see, Rachelle's dad and her uncle John all were big winners of the pinewood derby (which means their boys all won the pinewood derby) in both design and speed. In order to be considered an official part of the "club", I felt like I needed to do something special.

Fortunately, Riley had a good idea. He wanted to make the Batmobile and I thought that would be pretty fun so we did it. Here are a few pictures of how it turned out.

Before painting and adding in the nozzle

After painting and adding in the nozzle:

Back view (where the weight is).

On the night of the race, I wasn't sure how it would go because I hadn't really run it on anything and wasn't totally sure that it would go straight. To make a long story short, it went straight and I feel like I can be part of the club now. He won both the design and the speed portion.

Now I just have to manage expectations for the next year because I don't want him to start thinking he will always win. He was doing pretty well I think. He went up to every kid after just about every race and told them how good of a job each of them had done. I was really proud of him for doing that but I told him afterwords that I wanted to make sure that he also did it when he lost. I think he will.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally, another video and another blog post

OK, it has been a really long time so my guess is that nobody reads this anymore. Even so, I decided to post something anyway since I have finally made a new video. We have been having trouble making new videos because they only take one nap a day and we have a hard time making the commentary. Because of that, we decided to go with a simpler format for now. We do still have some quint olympics ideas going but they are going to take a little while to actually make. We have a friend, Ally, who recently won American Gladiators that we are hoping to have come out and do a baby gladiator episode with them.

Anyway, here is a new video:

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