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Monday, July 28, 2008

Video coming soon...but not yet

Well, although I don't have an Olympics video yet, I do have a link to a podcast with Mommycast.com. This is a website made for mommies by mommies and has a regular podcast that is really popular. The reason we ended up on it was that I met one of the mommies (Gretchen) at a conference I attended back in May. The session was about successful podcasts and was given by the husband of one of the mommies. After the session, I went up and told Gretchen that I thought we might be someone interesting they could interview for the show. Anyway, they thought it might be interesting and had us on their show. Our podcast ran a few weeks ago and here is the link:

Link to Wilkinson Quints Podcast at Mommycast.com


Friday, July 11, 2008

WQ+2 Episode 10: The Cheerio Eating Competition

OK, it is finally ready. For some reason, this one took me a really long time to finish. One of my favorite parts is that in one scene, Riley is really sad because he was having a hard time remembering what to say and in the very next scene he is really happy. My second favorite parts is where Kaiya talks about the "Roman Incident".

Here it is:


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cheerios Eating Competition Coming Soon

I am in the process of editing the Cheerios competition right now but we have had a lot going on lately and I haven't had as much time as I would like.

This morning, we had some people from News 8 Austin come over which was fun. They did live broadcasts from our house every half hour starting at around 6:00 AM. I don't really know how they turned out but it was pretty fun. They did do one that they put on the internet here:

Link to News 8 story about the babies

These babies are really getting to be a lot of fun. Kyndall started clapping on command yesterday which was fun. She is just so little but full of spunk. It will be interesting to see how she fares at Cheerio eating. Rustin is just such a little bulldozer. He usually goes around with a big grin on his face, even when he is pulling somebody's hair. Ryder seems to be good at showing the extremes of happy and sad in a very short amount of time. Kaydence just loves Kaiya. Kaiya can get her to laugh like nobody else. Kassidy is really a sweet girl and despite the fact that she was one of the worst sleepers in the beginning, she is really good at sleeping through some of the loudest noises.

Something that people ask us frequently is if we have ever seen the show, "Jon and Kate Plus 8". I will go ahead and answer that, yes, we do watch it and it is a great show. We actually are amazed at how similar our situation is. When we watch it, however, we are not so much entertained as educated. We see things in there that we will have to deal with in a few years (their kids are about 3 years older than our kids). It is actually really interesting to have a view of what to expect with things like potty training and getting them in big boy/big girl beds and see how they deal with it.

One last that thing I just want to remind you about is that we expect to have the Cheerios episode done very soon so look for it in a few days.

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